Mastering Elasticsearch Errata

We would like to ensure that the reception of the book should be as good as possible and because we have found some mistakes in the book we decided to write a little errata. We sincerely apologize for all the error and mistakes.

Mastering Elasticsearch second edition Errata

For now, there is no errata for Mastering Elastcisearch second edition.

Mastering Elasticsearch Errata

Chapter 2

Correction 1

On page 26, in the Default Apache Lucene scoring explained section, there is the following sentence: “The lower the inverse document frequency is, the rarer the term is“. This is wrong and it should be “The higher the inverse document frequency is, the rarer the term is”.

Submitted by: Tiago Macambira (@TiagoMacambira)

Chapter 4

Correction 1

At page 110, the last curl command has mistaken document identifier. The text there states the following:

curl -XPUT localhost:9200/documents/doc/3 -d '{ "title" : "Document No. 3" }'

The correction is:

curl -XPUT localhost:9200/documents/doc/4 -d '{ "title" : "Document No. 4" }'

Submitted by: Jun Ohtani (@johtani)

Submitting Errata

In case if you find any errors please send a mail to support(at)elasticsearchserverbook(dot)com

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