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essb_thirdWe are happy to announce that the Elasticsearch Server Third Edition is now available for purchase. We didn’t announce it earlier, but because it was published we decided to give you some information.

As usual, the book will be available for purchase directly from Packt Publishing website as well as Amazon. It is also available in Safari books.

The book was written using Elasticsearch 2.2 and all the material in it is updated to match that version. We used different Elasticsearch versions during writing and we decided to leave some of the material for those of you out there still using older versions of Elasticsearch. Please remember that the book audience is those of you how are new to Elasticsearch or have intermediate Elasticsearch knowledge.

A few words about the book itself – it has been revised and rewritten according to the comments we’ve got from you – the readers and based on what we though you will benefit from. Of course, we also introduced additional content to describe the new features in Elasticsearch 2.2. In some parts of the book we also mention features that were removed starting from Elasticsearch 2.0, but you’ll have a clear information that this is related to older versions of this great search and analytics engine.

To give you a slight information of what the book is about, we included the following list of chapters that Elasticsearch Server Third Edition contains:

  • Getting Started with Elasticsearch Cluster (general introduction to Elasticsearch, glossary, installing Elasticsearch, basic operations like indexing, querying and deleting)
  • Indexing Your Data (indexing in details, data structure, mappings, analysis, segment merging and routing)
  • Searching Your Data (querying in details, type of queries and queries discussed and choosing the right query for the job)
  • Extending Your Querying Knowledge (highlighting, validation, sorting, filtering changes and query rewrite)
  • Extending Your Index Structure (more on index structure, indexing relational data and index structure modification)
  • Make Your Search Better (scoring in details, scripting, boosting, multilingual data handling and synonyms)
  • Aggregations For Data Analysis (whole chapter dedicated to aggregations – metrics ones, bucket ones and new pipeline ones)
  • Beyond Full-Text Searching (percolation, geospatial search, suggesters and scroll API)
  • Elasticsearch Cluster in Detail (node discovery, gateway, recovery, templates and dynamic templates, plugins and caches)
  • Administrating Your Cluster (backing up, monitoring API, shard allocation control, various ops API’s, warming up and aliases)
  • Scaling by Example (hardware considerations, tuning single Elasticsearch node, vertical expansion, preparation for high indexing and querying throughput, monitoring solutions)

If you have any questions to us related to the book, please leave a comment below. If you would like to see a full chapter of the book to see if the writing suits you, please go to page dedicated to the book on Packt Publishing website and read the sample, free chapter there.

Please also note, that the errata for the book will be available if needed and you can look it up at the Elasticsearch Server books errata page.

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