Elasticsearch Server Second Edition Book

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essb_secondWe are happy to announce that the second edition of ElasticSearch Server book will be shorty available both in electronic and paperback versions.

As usual, the book will be available for purchase from Packt Pub as well as Amazon.

The book was written using Elasticsearch 1.0 and all the material in it is updated to match that version. In addition to that, the whole book was revised with major parts of it rewritten to match the comments we got, both from readers and during Japanese translation of the first edition of the book. Of course, we also introduced additional content to describe the new features in Elasticsearch 1.0. The book is dedicated to novice readers who wants to start their journey with Elasticsearch and to intermediate readers who want to get deeper into this great search and analytics software.

The book contains the following chapters:

  • Getting Started with Elasticsearch (example topics: introduction to full text searching and text analysis, Elasticsearch basics and installation, data manipulation and searching)
  • Indexing Your Data (example topics: indexing and batch indexing, mapping configuration, segments merging and routing)
  • Searching Your Data (example topics: querying and how it works, basic and composed queries, filtering, sorting)
  • Extending Your Index Structure (example topics: structured data indexing, using nested and parent – child functionality)
  • Make Your Search Better (example topics: scoring, scripting, influencing scoring, synonyms)
  • Beyond Full Text Searching (example topics: aggregations, faceting, suggesters, percolator)
  • Elasticsearch cluster in details (example topics: discovery module, recovery and gateway modules, tunning)
  • Administrating your cluster (example topics: snapshotting, monitoring, shards handling, warming up, aliases)

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