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Elasticsearch 2.2: Profile API (benchmarking queries revisited)

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speedSome time ago, we described the benchmark API, that was meant to provide us with functionality of checking our queries performance. That API was initially planned for Elasticsearch 1.5, but somehow it was removed and it never showed up – until recently. In Elasticsearch 2.2, we will have a new, experimental profile API introduced that will allow us to get detailed timing informations regarding our queries. Let’s see what we can expect from that API.

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50% discount on our Elasticsearch ebooks till 11th of March (updated)

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coinsPackt Publishing is offering a great, 50% discount for all our Elasticsearch related books (actually ebooks) till 11th of March 2016. If you are interested, you can buy the book with the discounted price at Packt Publishing website with the ESSERVER50 discount code.

Update: The promotion has been extended and is supposed to last till 30th April 2016.

The books that are on sale include our newest, soon to be released Elasticsearch Server Third Edition. The full list of books covered by the discount:

All Elasticsearch books for less than 6 euros

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coinsA quick information for those of you who are interested in any of our books. Packt Publishing is offering those books for less than 6 euros, starting on 17th December till the end of the year. If you are interested, you can buy the book with the discounted price at Packt Publishing website.

The books that are on sale include our newest, soon to be released (we just finished the first drafts book) Elasticsearch Server Third Edition. In addition to that, the sale also includes:

  • Elasticsearch Server Second Edition
  • Mastering Elasticsearch Second Edition
  • Elasticsearch Server
  • Mastering Elasticsearch
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Elasticsearch 1.5: benchmarking your queries

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speedWith the release of Elasticsearch 1.5.0 (probably) we will get the ability to benchmark our queries and see which parts of them is not fast enough for our use case. This gives us a great insight on what is being executed, how and where are the potential bottlenecks. Although it requires setting us a node for benchmarking I suspect this may come in handy for Elasticsearch users struggling with performance. Let’s have a look at this functionality to see what can we expect and how we can use it.

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Elasticsearch aggregations – from 1.1 to 1.4

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analysisWith the recent release of Elasticsearch 1.4.0 Beta1, we decided that it is time to mention the aggregations that were added to Elasticsearch since 1.0 – the version that we used during the writing of Elasticsearch Server Second Edition. In this blog entry we will look at all the aggregations that were added starting from Elasticsearch 1.1 until Elasticsearch 1.4.

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Win Elasticsearch Server second editon ebook

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essb_secondWe would like to announce that Packt Publishing gave us the opportunity to give away two electronic copies of our newest book – the Elasticsearch Server second edition.

The enter the competition, please write a comment or mail (blog(at)elasticsearchserverbook(dot)com) describing unusual usage of one of Elasticsearch features or just describe how you are using Elasticsearch or how you will use it.

The contents will be active from today (8th of June 2014) till (22th of June 2014). The winners (two persons) will be chosen randomly from the mails and comments that we will receive during the two weeks period.

Good luck 🙂

Update: Please note that the winners will be contacted by mail, so please include an e-mail address under you can be reached.

Note: The contest is now over and the winners – Eyal and Jorge will be contacted by mail – congratulations 🙂

Elasticsearch Server Second Edition Book

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essb_secondWe are happy to announce that the second edition of ElasticSearch Server book will be shorty available both in electronic and paperback versions.

As usual, the book will be available for purchase from Packt Pub as well as Amazon.

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ElasticSearch Server book in Japanese

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ess_japaneseWe wanted to share the information, that our first Elasticsearch book – the ElasticSearch Server was translated to Japanese and should be now available. Information about the book can be found at ASCII Index and the book can be purchased on Japanese Amazon site.

We would like to thank all the people who were involved in the translation process. Especially we would like to thank Jun Ohtani (@johtani, who were in touch with us, submitted many corrections to the book (please see errata) and had to work with us 🙂 Once again, thank you all!

Mastering ElasticSearch – Search analytics

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search-analyticsThe Mastering ElasticSearch book that was published in December 2013 included a chapter dedicated to improving user search experience. However, one of the topics didn’t made it into the book. Because of that we wanted to share this section of the book on the blog. We hope that you’ll find it useful.

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$5 for Packt Publishing ebooks till January 2014

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ebook_bonanzaOur publisher Packt Publishing is offering its ebooks and videos just for $5 till 3rd of January 2014 as the eBook Bonanza promotion. If you wanted to buy something published by Packt, like our ElasticSearch Server, Mastering ElasticSearch, Apache 4 Cookbook or Solr 3.1 Cookbook please go

Its a nice promotion if you hesitated to buy any of the books from Packt Publishing, but remember that it end on 3rd of January, so not much time left.