ElasticSearch 0.90 – Stored fields and term vectors compression

compressThe newest release of ElasticSearch, the 0.90.0 RC1 leverages all the new features that come with Apache Lucene 4.2. The two features we will have a short look today are automatic compression of all stored fields in the index as well as term vectors compression. What does it mean for ElasticSearch ? Basically all the compression functionalities that were present in the previous ElasticSearch versions are now gone and they are turned on by default, but let’s see what it means for us.
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ElasticSearch 0.90 – Using Rescore

signSometimes it is handy to change ordering of documents already returned by the query. The reasons for such behavior can vary. One of the reasons may be performance – for example calculating target ordering is very costly in terms of performance and we would like to do this on the subset of documents returned by the original query. At the first look rescore gives many great opportunities for business cases. This short article will verify the usefulness of this function.

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ElasticSearch 0.90 – Sorting on Multi-Valued Fields

sortingWith the release of ElasticSearch 0.90 the users of this search engine will be able to sort on multi-valued fields and chose which value from that field to chose for sorting. Yes that’s right, till now you had to design a field especially for sorting, use scripts or multi-fields. Now, you don’t have to do anything like that. Let’s look how we can use this new functionality.

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ElasticSearch 0.90 – Using suggester

Light BulbWhen we wrote ElasticSearch Server book, the latest available version of this search server was 0.20 (to be honest, it was 0.19 and we’ve used unreleased version).  A few days after the publication of the book we have the 0.90.0.Beta1 version available with cool, new features. One of the most important things that were introduced was the suggestion query API.  Let’s look how it works.

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ElasticSearch 0.90 – Similarities

similaritiesThe next functionality that ElasticSearch 0.90 we would like to discuss is again bound to what Lucene 4.0 introduced – the changes in the API of the classes responsible for scoring formula. In addition to changed API Apache Lucene 4.0 introduced a few relevance calculation formulas that are available out of the box for its users. Also, starting from ElasticSearch 0.90.0.Beta1 we were given the possibilities of using those new scoring formulas.

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ElasticSearch 0.90 – Using codecs

hard_diskAs we promised to all the readers of the book (and not only) we will expand the topics available in the ElasticSearch Server book and this is the first article that will be focused on the new functionalities of recently released ElasticSearch 0.90.0 beta.

The first functionality we’ve decided to discuss is the ability to use codecs (the ones provided by Apache Lucene library, but not only). More features will come over time.

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ElasticSearch Server book was released

8444OSWe are happy to say that ElasticSearch Server book was released and it is available for purchase from Packt Publishing, Amazon and Safari Books Online.  We hope that you’ll find the book interesting and worth reading.